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We are proud and happy to announce that has agreed to give us a hand and support us with our new project.


WPHUB is one of the leading sites that you can find Premium Wordpress Themes one of the leading companies in the in the web design area and in the creation of themes for Wordpress. They have been in business for three years.


The fact that the owner of this company, Michael Jakness decided to support encouraged us that we have really created a very good theme for Wordpress that imitates, which is one of the largest and fast-growing social networks to date. is a site that takes care of all the details if you want to get online using Wordpress. They will help you install your site and is ready to use and configure it. WPHUB can also write a review on your newly created theme. When you go to their website you will see that they have a few types of services they offer, different levels of installations. The first level of service is called “silver”. It is just an install of a theme. They will set up your hosting configuration of the database and install.  Second level of service is called “platinum”. This includes a little more work, installation and configuration. 

Here, they will install a little more such as basic plugins, content and customization. With the largest package, the “Diamond”, you will get the most for your bucks. They will give you the works with the Diamond and will do advanced settings, configurations, source your site and SEO.  

WPHUB is a great team of professionals. How are WPHUB different from all the other wordpress installers and what makes them better them the others is that they have many officiates and guarantee their services. Visit their site and it will speak for itself.